OpenGL Projects

Spherical Harmonics Spherical Harmonics Painterly Rendering Painterly Rendering Marble Marble
Deferred Shading Deferred Shading The Octagon Engine The Octagon Engine Many Lights Many Lights
Cloth Simulation Cloth Simulation GPU Fire GPU Fire Render to Texture Render to Texture
Shadow Volumes Shadow Volumes Refraction Refraction Per Pixel Attenuation Per Pixel Attenuation
Quake 3 BSP Quake 3 BSP Dot Product Reflect Dot Product Reflect Shadow Mapping Shadow Mapping
Metaballs Metaballs Per Pixel Lighting Per Pixel Lighting Cel Shading Cel Shading
Bump Mapping Bump Mapping Project Template Project Template

These projects were written in 2002/2003, originally using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. They have since been updated to compile with Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 (including the free Express Edition).

Some projects require the "glext.h" and "wglext.h" OpenGL extension headers, downloadable from the OpenGL extension registry.

Others need GLUT to be installed. A Win32 version is available here.